Lynn Hershman Leeson


The following is an archive of written works related to Lynn Hershman Leeson’s career, important exhibitions, and Civic Radar, the most comprehensive exhibition and catalogue of her work to date. It also includes a selection of essays that expose the philosophical underpinnings of Hershman Leeson’s work, written by the artist herself. Text from earlier in the artist’s career is being added over time.

By Steven Poole in The Guardian

"A wall of TV monitors, a face pixelated in Mondrian colours, a playful selfie … we may all be artists in the social media age, but, as a new exhibition reveals, visual artists were the original tech heads."

Together in Electric Dreams: How the Art World Embraced Modern Technology First

Published in Art News

"In recent years, the New York and San Francisco-based artist has drawn increasing attention for her decades of perennially fresh encounters between technologies and bodies. Her last New York show was in 2008 at bitforms, which specializes ...

Lookout Highlights of 2015

Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"Cyborgian mythology was reborn with a vengeance when, as recently as 1995, live cells were placed in 3D bio printers. When living cells were first placed within ink cartridges (the same ones used in photo printing) they developed ...

The Terror of Immortality

By Joanna Kavenna in New Scientist

"An exhibition asks hard questions of the relationship between humans and machines."

Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson Records the Advance of Our Robot Overlords

By Karen Archey in ArtReview

"Her work appears to be a decades-preceding preamble to much of what is being produced in New York, Berlin and London today…."

Lynn Hershman Leeson

By Lilly Wei in Studio International

"A dedicated feminist who came of age in the tumult of the 1960s, Lynn Hershman Leeson was born in 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is now based in New York and San Francisco. She is an influential new media and performance artist ...

Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar

By Holland Cotter in The New York Times

"The micro-survey of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s art at the new Bridget Donahue Gallery is a tip-of-the-iceberg event with the potential force of a stealth explosive. Ms. Hershman Leeson began her career in the San Francisco Bay ...

Lynn Hershman Leeson: ‘Origins of the Species’

Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"Today’s technological heat has birthed self-replicating data bodies. Cloned presences designed to morph and feed on, cannibalize information. Much of the art that depicts the body as sacrificed and objectified desire has ...

Some thoughts on the Data Body

Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"Recently, on my birthday, a friend suggested that ideally we should all live our lives backwards, and eventually reclaiming our birthright of a celebratory orgasmic explosion. But before all that, of course is seduction. Life ...


Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"Teknolust is a contemporary Frankenstein story, with gender reversals. While Mary Shelley was the first to write about how Artificial Intelligence animated through electricity as a monster, Teknolust, focuses on bio-technology, ...

Teknolust Director’s Statement

Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"I created a work that grew out of the Dante Hotel, a ten year piece called Roberta Breitmore, which was one of a successive series of works that critics, curators, and dealers also said was not art. She was a breathing, ...

Talk at MoMA NY

Written by Lynn Hershman Leeson

"A (pre) condition of a video dialogue is that it does not talk back. Rather, it exists as a moving stasis; a one-sided discourse, like a trick mirror that absorbs instead of reflects. Perhaps it was nostalgia that led me to search ...

The Fantasy Beyond Control