Commissioned by The Shed


This work was made possible by funds from The Shed, VIA Art Fund and Hotwire Productions LLC


Shadow Stalker, 2018-2021                                                                                          

Agent Ruby ’s EDream Portal - 2002

Still from Shadow Stalker featuring January Steward as the Spirit of the Deep Web, 2019.

“Algorithms are the titanium white of this era’s painting.  They are the undercoat that hide culture’s negative spaces.”

Shadow Stalker is a “live” interactive installation that uses algorithms, performance and projections to make visible private Internet systems like Predictive Policing that are increasingly used by law enforcement and promote racial profiling.

Shadow Stalker exists in three parts:

  • A film which outlines the history of Predictive Policing, Digital Identity Theft and the dangers of Data Mining, featuring Tessa Thompson and “The Spirit of The Deep Web,” played by January Steward. (TRT: 10 minutes. Full credits list here.)
  • An installation which creates digital shadows of participants displaying personal information about them retrieved from internet databases with the use of just their email addresses. Programmed by Mark Hellar and Rachel Rose Ulgado.
  • A Predictive Policing website created by Francis Tseng that shows the percentage of predicted crimes by zip code. Link to the website here.

Shadow Stalker will be exhibited for the first time at The Shed, from November 13th – January 12th, as part of the Manual Override exhibition. More details here.

Watch a film about the development of the installation here.

Agent Ruby ’s EDream Portal - 2002

Tessa Thompson and Lynn Hershman Leeson. © Pamela Gentile

Agent Ruby installation, 1998–2002
DiNA, Artificial Intelligent Agent Installation, 2004
DiNA, Artificial Intelligent Agent Installation, 2004

Stills from Shadow Stalker, 2019.