Lynn Hershman Leeson



This interactive continuation of Agent Ruby allows users to interact with DiNA, an animated, artificially intelligent female character with speech recognition and live animated facial gestures. DiNA converses using voice-recognition technology and becomes increasingly intelligent through interaction. She generates answers to questions and collects information globally from users. DiNA can process Internet content in real time and respond to current events as they unfold.

DiNA, Artificial Intelligent Agent Installation, 2004

DiNA, Artificial Intelligent Agent Installation, 2004, interactive network-based multimedia installation with custom software, sound, voice recognition, voice synthesis, sensors, one way mirror and an alternative presentation with projection, 64 x 60 x 17 cm (dimensions of installation variable), installation view Lynn Hershman Leeson. Civic Radar, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, 2014/2015