Lynn Hershman Leeson


The following is an archive of written works related to Lynn Hershman Leeson’s career, important exhibitions, and Civic Radar, the most comprehensive exhibition and catalogue of her work to date. It also includes a selection of essays that expose the philosophical underpinnings of Hershman Leeson’s work, written by the artist herself. Text from earlier in the artist’s career is being added over time.

By Anne Walsh in The Brooklyn Rail

"I arrived in the Bay Area to take a full time teaching job at UC Berkeley in 2003, having spent the previous fifteen years in LA. For a long time, I was homesick for the unapologetic ambition of that sprawling, gaudy version of ...

Why Grow? In Praise of Quiet Influence

Published in The Inquirer

"Female artists have typically gotten short shrift for their roles in creating art movements, so who’s surprised that their numerous contributions to technology-oriented art aren’t especially known?"

UArts Exhibit Celebrates the Women of Tech-Art

In Artlyst

"A major group exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), entitled Cellular World, which will bring together new commissions and existing work by artists including Joseph Buckley, Jamie Crewe, Jesse Darling, Cécile B. Evans, Lynn Hershman-Leeson, ...

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art Announce Line-Up 2018

By Benjamin Blanchet in The Spectrum

"On Friday evening, the series’ second day opened with films by Sara Gómez and Lynn Hershman-Leeson to a crowd of over 50 attendees."

Cuban Cinema Takes Over Burchfield Penney Art Center

By Anna McNay in Elephant Magazine

"'If you live in the present, most people think you live in the future, because they don’t know what happens in their own time.' Across half a century, Lynn Hershman Leeson’s searching, future-facing work has combined art, ...

Don’t Say “Sci-Fi,” Say “Sci-Tru”

By Kathy Noble in Mousse

"This article explores these ideas in relation to three portraits of individuals who have experienced institutionally inflicted trauma: Luke Willis Thompson’s film of Diamond Reynolds, Lynn Hershman Leeson’s film of Tania ...

From my Institution to Yours

By Alex Greenberger in Art News

"With VertiGhost, Hershman Leeson addresses the fake painting from the Hitchcock film and ties it to Amedeo Modigliani’s painting Pierre-Edouard Baranowski (ca. 1918), a work at the de Young that has for years been plagued with ...

‘Vertigo’ Painting to Haunt Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in New Lynn Hershman Leeson Project

By Will Coldwell in The Guardian

"In another major exhibition that will see work shipped in from overseas, Fondation Louis Vuitton will showcase 200 works charting the remarkable collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art."

10 of the Best New Art Exhibitions in Europe for Autumn 2017

By Andrea Chase in The New Fillmore Journal

"I made a film called !Women Art Revolution about the inequality that women suffered from. Art Galleries and Museums did not show women at all. That they are starting to now is good but it is very recent."

DocFest at the Vogue

By Vanessa Thill in Art in America

"What happens when a performance artist struggling against state censorship goes to therapy? In her new film Tania Libre, Lynn Hershman Leeson lets us eavesdrop on Tania Bruguera’s session with Dr. Frank Ochberg, a leading ...

The Trauma of Political Engagement: Lynn Hershman Leesons Tania Libre

By Liz Hirsch in Art News

"Lynn Hershman Leeson’s generous survey at Bridget Donahue blended examples of her video/sculpture hybrids, among them the tenderly appointed living room from her work Lorna (1979–84)."

Have At It: A Post-Trump New York Looks at How Images, Ideas, and Resources Circulate

By Wendy Vogel in Momus

"The majority of Leeson’s sprawling oeuvre has never been exhibited until now. Seen all at once, Civic Radar proves the insufficiency of the ready story of her technological innovation. It’s true that occasionally she reached so far ahead ...

“Science Truth” and Fearless Freedoms in Lynn Hershman Leesons Civic Radar