This Artist Has Dedicated Her Life to Investigating Technology’s Impact on Society
Exhibition Review
Sep 1, 2021
Mission Magazine
Genevieve Kyle

Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson explores society’s relationship with technology in her new exhibit, Twisted. The exhibition features evolving cyborgs, wax-cast breathing machines, and the reincarnation of her famed 1973 project, Roberta Breitmore (a private performance where Hershman Leeson transformed her identity into a fictional persona). Hershman Leeson’s work investigates the intersection between technology and the self. The artist has worked with the latest technologies —from Artificial Intelligence to DNA programming— for over 50 years and continues to anticipate technological developments impact on our society. Her latest installation is a celebration of the artist’s long-spanning career. Displaying Lynn’s past creations and some unseen works, the exhibit will bring together different drawing, sculpture, video, and photography elements and interactive works by the artist.