Some thoughts on the Data Body
LHL As Author
Jan 1, 2011
Context Providers
Lynn Hershman Leeson

Published in Context Providers, edited by Margot Lovejoy, Christiane Paul, Victoria Vesna (2011)

“Today’s technological heat has birthed self-replicating data bodies. Cloned presences designed to morph and feed on cannibalize information. Much of the art that depicts the body as sacrificed and objectified desire has experienced a well needed correction. The object has been reincarnated as subject, and, I might add, just in the nick of time, because the corporeal body is becoming obsolete. It is living through a history of erasure, but this time, through enhancements. To survive, the remains of the body, has morphed into The Data Body.

But I’ll get to that later. Data bases and code are the spine of an evolving cyborgian posture in which identity is provisional, and capture, surveillance, voyeurism and scopophilia are simultaneously the technique, the subject and the social medium. Artificial Intelligence software that is now in development will lead to more enhanced understanding of the mechanisms and irrationalities of what might reflect presence but continues to exists as a simulation.”