Lynn Hershman Leeson

A Brush With Podcast S22 E2: Lynn Hershman Leeson
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Artworks: !Women Art Revolution, Agent Ruby, America's Finest, Anti-bodies, Bonwit Teller Windows, Breathing/Giggling Machines, Conceiving Ada, CybeRoberta, Cyborg Series, Dante Hotel, Deep Contact, DiNA, Dollie Clones, Electronic Diaries, Floating Museum, Hero Sandwich, Home Front, Logic Paralyzes The Heart, Lorna, Past Tense, Phantom Limb, Present Tense, Roberta Breitmore, Room #8, Room of One's Own, San Quentin Mural Project, Seduction of A Cyborg, Self-Portrait As Another Person, Shadow Stalker, Strange Culture, Synthia Stockticker, Teknolust, The Infinity Engine, Twisted Gravity, VertiGhost, Water Women
Topics: Activism, AI, Archive, Biotechnologies, Career, Challenges/Invention, Civic Radar, Conservation, Creativity/Technology, Cyborgs, DNA Archive, Early Career, Ethics, Fictional Critics, Film, Finding Voice, Future, Identity, Photography/Collage, Research Process, Role of the Artist, Sci-True, Teaching

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