Looking Future Shock in the Face, an Art Exhibition Reveals a Society Fundamentally Unsettled by Technology
Exhibition Review
Feb 8, 2018
Tanner West

Why It’s Worth a Look: “Future Shock” sets its sights on several big issues that couldn’t feel more timely—mass surveillance, technocapitalism, globalization, population growth, pressing environmental concerns, and others. But it’s also fun, with Tom Sachs’s Mars rovers and Doug Aitken’s surreal video vignettes of animals turned lose in abandoned hotel rooms sharing space with Dario Robleto’s plaintive time capsule-like collection of artifacts and Patrick Bernatchez’s Lost in Time, a bleak video narrative depicting figures adrift in an icy wilderness. You have to admire the ambition of curator Irene Hofmann, who sets a high bar here for the Santa Fe institution’s debut in its brand new, SHoP Architects-designed home…