Lynn Hershman Leeson

BAMPFA Announces Lynn Hershman Leeson as 2024 Honoree

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive announced on October 26, 2023, that its 2024 gala will pay tribute to Lynn Hershman Leeson and Sky Hopinka, two creative visionaries who have made indelible impacts on the fields of art and film. Leeson and Hopinka will be honored at BAMPFA on Saturday, March 9, during the museum’s annual fundraiser supporting the museum’s distinctive commitment to art, film, and student engagement.

“For our third annual BAMPFA Art and Film Benefit, I’m thrilled that we’ll be celebrating the achievements of Lynn Hershman Leeson and Sky Hopinka, two pioneering figures whose work has meaningfully impacted audiences around the world—including here at BAMPFA,” said BAMPFA’s Executive Director Julie Rodrigues Widholm. “Lynn’s practice of exploring feminism and new technologies has been astonishingly prescient and highly influential for decades. Likewise, Sky Hopinka has led a younger generation of moving image artists in imagining new forms of expression, with a focus on landscape, language, and historical memory. As a museum that is uniquely dedicated to both art and film, it’s especially exciting for us to honor two individuals whose groundbreaking work straddles both gallery and cinematic settings.”

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