Agent Ruby


An artificial intelligent web agent that is shaped by and reflective of encounters and adventures that it has with users, and will be seeded to user servers through a site of origin or birth. The agent (Ruby) will be downloadable to appear on a portion of user’s desktops and will be multi platform integrating PC, Mac and Palm pilots. Ruby chats with users, remember users questions, ultimately be able to recognize their voice and have moods and emotions. Her mood may also be affected directly by web traffic.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Installation, March 2013- August 2013 Project Administrator Robert Wald.

Programmers: In Orbet, Helium, Sean Eden, Joel Klein / Designer, Tri Pham / Associate Producer, Kyle Stephan / Funded by The Daniel Langlois Foundation, S.F. MOMA, Hotwire Productions / Collection – The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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