50 Years of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Tricks and Tech Art Innovations
Exhibition Review
May 9, 2017
Emily Holmes

Civic Radar concludes with the artist’s most recent work, which seems to shift away from questions of identity entirely, though it continues her exploration of technology. “The Infinity Engine” (2014–2017), an immersive installation highlighting the current state of bioengineering, outlines the scientific quest for immortality. It feels like something straight out of a science fiction film: The room is lined with wallpaper depicting genetically modified biological matter, each with a label detailing its research motivation; nearby, a tank houses glowing fish, “the first GM organism sold as a pet.” Viewers can read legal documents related to bioengineering, and watch video interviews with scientists, technologists, and sociologists on the topic. In this installation, Hershman Leeson, as innovator herself, steps back to display technological innovation on its own, with little meddling on her part. The work asks (without offering a clear opinion): How far will the pursuit of innovation go?