The War, Which is in the Flower Bouquet
Exhibition Review
May 24, 2018
Daniela Janser

At the entrance to the exhibition by Lynn Hershman at the Basle House of Electronic Arts (HeK) we visitors are supposed to put on a white lab coat. “So you can better put yourself in the picture,” explains the friendly woman at the cash register. It is also advisable to read the hall sheet with the explanations to the exhibits exactly, otherwise you probably will not get out of it. An exhibition that should work only thanks to role-playing game and explanatory brochure makes something suspicious. And this distrust does not diminish if you find yourself in a laboratory situation in the first room: with test tubes and special waste bins for “Biohazard”. At the heart of the exhibition is an antibody from the Novartis laboratory that maps the letters of Hershman’s name as a molecular protein structure. At the end of the tour, there is also a tiny piece of DNA on which Hershman’s works are stored: the first DNA-based work of art, explains the Saalblatt – leaving many questions unanswered…