Sister acts: when the avant garde met feminism – in pictures
Exhibition Review
Jul 27, 2022
The Gaurdian

The Rencontres d’Arles present, for the first time in France, the exhibition A Feminist Avant-Garde: Photographs and performances from the 1970s from the Verbund Collection, Vienna, with over 200 works by 71 female artists. It will be held at Mécanique Générale, Parc des Ateliers, Arles, France until 25 September.

Actionist, provocative and poetic – the exhibition makes clear that the works are drawn from many different schools of feminism.

‘They were too quiet to be noticed during the 1970s. Today we can also appreciate the poetic quality of feminist art’ – Gabriele Schor, curator and founding director of the Verbund Collection, Vienna.

Examples of this approach include the work of the American artists Martha Wilson, Suzy Lake, Lynn Hershman Leeson and Cindy Sherman. It is fascinating to see how Marcella Campagnano, a less well-known Italian artist, created very similar productions at the same time…