Shedding a Light
Exhibition Review, Profile
Feb 28, 2019
WSJ Magazine
Natalia Rachlin

As The Shed’s first guest curator, the writer and critic Nora N. Khan is the driving force behind Manual Override, a group exhibition opening in the fall that highlights the work of artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson. The show will debut the final installment of Hershman Leeson’s The Complete Electronic Diaries (1984–2018)—a series that foreshadowed the interplay of personal history and digital identity—and showcase research from her collaborations with scientists and engineers. “I like to work out on the edge, with projects and interfaces that have yet to be developed,” says Hershman Leeson. “In a way, working with The Shed was a bit like that.” Taking inspiration from Hershman Leeson’s cross-disciplinary approach, the exhibition will also feature other artists who have been paired with programmers, artificial-intelligence experts and geneticists to create new work…