LHL As Author
Jan 1, 2006
Lynn Hershman Leeson

“Recently, on my birthday, a friend suggested that ideally we should all live our lives backwards, and eventually reclaiming our birthright of a celebratory orgasmic explosion. But before all that, of course is seduction. Life begins with a glint, then dissolves into serial paradox of arrhythmic contradictions; pleasure and pain, energy and depletion, security and doubt, and ultimately the balanced nature of artificiality as it guards the boundaries between the real and virtual world.

Like most things profound, we (with exceptions such as Dylan Thomas) seem to have erased our original memories of conception. Consciousness is suppressed, subliminal and double crossed, despite that moment being vital to our survival and evolution.

Claudia Hart reminds me that in the classical myth of Pygmalian and Galetta, “an isolated sculptor creates an inert statue mirroring unconscious amorous passions so heated that they ignite her, endowing her with life. “”