Shadow Stalker Credits

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced

Lynn Hershman Leeson


Tessa Thompson


Tessa Thompson

January Steward


Spirit of the Deep Web

Costume Designer

Nina Hollein


Hiro Narita ASC

Sound Mixer and Second Camera

Javid Soriano

Producer of Tessa Thompson Segment

George Rush

Co-producer, Hair and Makeup

Marine Bahet

Assistant Producer

Emma Scully


David Mong

Additional Editing

Collin Kriner

Erica Jordan

Compositing and Color Correction

Gary Coates

Sound Editing

Dan Olmsted

Background Score

Matthew Young

Wardrobe and Hair Assistant

Alexandra Phelps

Production Assistant

Theadora Walsh

Lor O’Connor

Set Photographer

Pamela Gentile

Studio Manager

Christopher ‘Doc’ Starks

Additional Graphics and Research

Theadora Walsh


Mark Hellar

Rachel Rose Ulgado

Production Attorney

George M Rush

Exhibition Design – Germen Estudio

Giacomo Castagnola

Cristobal Garcia

Lucía Sanromán

Lyrics include collaged terms derived from:

James Bridle

The New Dark Age, Technology and the End of the Future, Verso 2018

Simone Browne

Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness, Duke University Press 2015

Nora N. Khan

The Green Light, Brooklyn Rail, March 2019

Mimi Onuoha

On Algorithmic Violence, Github 2018

Safiya Umoja Noble 

Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism

New York University Press 2018

Jackie Wang

This is A Story About Nerds and Cops: Predpol-and-Algorithmic Policing, e-flux 2019

“A Wild Ass Beyond”

By Sondra Perry, Caitlin Cherry, Nora Khan, and American Artist

Performance Space NY December 2018

Shot in part at The Producer’s Loft, San Francisco

Very Special Thanks to

Nora N. Kahn

Thanks to

Bridget Donahue

Emma Enderby

Ed Gilbert

Alessandra Gomez

Johanna Gosse

Ashley Josephson

Erin Leland

George Leeson

Alex Poots

Heather Reyes

Christopher Roberts

Claudia Schmuckli

Agent Ruby ’s EDream Portal - 2002

Still from Shadow Stalker featuring January Steward as the Spirit of the Deep Web, 2019.