Phantom Limb, Reach - 1986

Phantom Limb, Shutter, 1987, b/w photograph

Phantom Limb, Reach - 1986

Phantom Limb, Tubal Invasion, 1987, b/w photograph

Phantom Limb, Reach - 1986

Phantom Limb, Reach, 1986, b/w photograph, 101.6 x 76.2 cm

Phantom Limb, Seduction - 1985

Phantom Limb, Seduction, 1985, b/w photograph, 56 x 76 cm

In these black-and-white photo collages, created before the advent of Photoshop, female bodies are merged with machinery. Objects such as cameras, binoculars, electric plugs, clocks, and televisions replace the limbs of these technologically mutated women.

Hero Sandwich, Monroe/Freud - 1988

Hero Sandwich, Monroe/Freud, 1988, photograph, acrylic, 30.5 x 45.7 cm

Publicity photographs of male and female celebrities are merged by printing layered negatives, the result is then painted. Carefully chosen and constructed as composites, the images fuse the stars’ gestures and expressions.

Identity Cyborg - 1996

Identity Cyborg, 1996, archival digital print, 127 x 127 cm

In a series of images portraying cybernetic organisms or “cyborgs,” mechanical elements, identity numbers, and technological symbols are superimposed on the faces of women, making them into half-human, robotic femme fatales.

Water Woman, Red / Violet Shadow - 2004

Water Woman, Red / Violet Shadow, 2004, digital print, 151 x 111.5 cm

The Water Women series, done in various media from collage to digital prints, underscore ideas of disappearance, evaporation, alchemical and atmospheric connection to air, water, and electrical currents, and ultimately, the fragile nature of life itself.