Net Works

CybeRoberta - 1996

CybeRoberta, 1996, custom-made doll, clothing, glasses, webcam, surveillance camera, mirror, original programming and telerobotic head rotating system

CybeRoberta is a doll whose eyes have been replaced with cameras. The video cameras, installed in their left eyes, produce a real-time stream of each doll’s line of sight, uploading images to a web feed that refreshes every thirty seconds. Each doll has a website that allows users to view the images taken by the webcams and click on an “eyecon” to telerobotically turn the doll’s head 180 degrees to survey the gallery. Visitors to the physical space can also transmit images back to the website.

Synthia Stock Ticker - 2000

Synthia Stock Ticker, 2000, network-based art work, 38 x 28.6 x 28.6 cm

Like its namesake, the stock ticker invented by Thomas Edison, the networked sculpture Synthia Stock Ticker registers changes in the stock market in real time. A small monitor shows a female character named Synthia, whose actions are based on accumulated stock data. Instead of producing ticker tape, the sculpture symbolizes market performance through sixteen base behaviors determined by two percent changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, S&P 500, and Russell Cap indexes.