Portrayal of Women in American Culture
Oct 13, 2016
Radio IQ from WVTF
Robbie Harris

Lynn Hershman-Leeson has been called one of the world’s most influential media artists and a pioneer of feminist art. Her works explore the effects of modern technology on the self – particularly the female self. Margo Crutchfield is a Curator at the Moss Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech. “Some of her earlier works really deal with the influence of media, magazines, photography, internet; on the female identity; how does media define women and how that can be denigrating, how that can control you how that can splinter you.” Crutchfield is curating a show of Hershman-Leeson’s work. “There’s a body of work called the phantom limb series in which she presents these images, one of them is a woman with a TV fixed on instead of her head. That’s a statement about how women can be defined by the images in the media and why has that happened and why do we allow that to happen and how do we live through it?”