On The Cusp of Disaster
LHL As Author
Sep 21, 2016
Sloan Science & Film
Lynn Hershman Leeson

I began working with technology, like most important things in my life, by mistake. When I was 16 years old, I was hurrying to copy a drawing. It got stuck in the Xerox machine and became a by-product of that technology’s teeth. A shredded and deformed creation emerged, and it was born pulsing a different life than when it went into the machine. It was a far better artwork in this transformation because it was unique. I had never seen anything else like it.
I was encouraged by this accident–it was, as most of the important things in my life, a fortunate turn in what could be the cusp of disaster. The following incarnations, elaborations, or mutations continued. In the mid 1960’s I added sound to wax sculptures. To me, sound was like a drawing, a line in space. I created a work in 1968 titled Self Portrait As Another Person that had sensors, as well as sound.