Lynn Hershman Leeson: Twisted
Exhibition Review
Apr 14, 2021
Canada Choate

Roberta Breitmore is coming to town, back at long last after her 1978 exorcism at the hands of her creator and double, San Francisco’s own Lynn Hershman Leeson. This summer, the New Museum will give over its second floor to this OG media artist’s first New York solo exhibition, which will focus on significant projects from across her fifty-year career: “Roberta Breitmore,” 1973–78, an iconic performance of dual identity taken to abject extremes; the wax-cast “Breathing Machine” sculptures, 1965–68; the ersatz genetics lab Infinity Engine, 2014–; and many more pioneering explorations in film, on paper, and in silicon of the always-overlapping zones of ego, technology, surveillance, and power. With every eternal return, Leeson and Breitmore remind us: “Disappearance is a fiction.”