Lynn Hershman Leeson: The Artist Is Prescient
Exhibition Review
Jul 8, 2021
The New York Times
Jillian Steinhauer

For me, and I suspect for many others, the pandemic has prompted much soul-searching about different aspects of my life. Foremost is my dependence on technology, which I found especially troubling over the past year. At a certain point, after months of social isolation punctuated by video calls and Twitter binges, I felt almost like I was losing my mind, as if my ability to distinguish between the virtual and physical worlds were slipping. It was a strangely mesmerizing and frightening sensation that I recalled recently, after seeing Lynn Hershman Leeson’s exhilarating and intense solo show at the New Museum, “Twisted.” A pioneering new media artist and filmmaker who has spent most of her life in San Francisco, after growing up in Cleveland, Hershman Leeson has been contemplating our connection to machines since the 1960s.