Lynn Hershman Leeson Is The Original Cyborg Artist
Exhibition Review
Jul 16, 2021
Madeleine Seidel

“I think all my art is a forebearer to what people are doing now,” says artist Lynn Hershman Leeson with a light chuckle and a knowing smile in her Upper East Side apartment earlier this summer. Despite the sweeping nature of this statement, those who know Lynn — who has been working as an artist since the 1960s — know that this couldn’t be more true.

Although she’s not as well-known outside of the art world, Lynn is a godmother to — and harbinger of — a new legion of contemporary artists using her preferred mediums of artificial intelligence, the internet and performance to interrogate how technology is critical to the way we craft our public personas, illustrating the uncomfortable fact that the boundaries between ourselves and our technology are almost non-existent. Now, nearly 60 years into her artistic practice, The New Museum has curated Twisted, a career-spanning exhibition of Lynn’s work, making it the artist’s first — and woefully overdue — solo show in New York City.