Haunted (or Stalked?) by VertiGhost
Exhibition Review
Jan 18, 2018
Bay Area Reporter
Sura Wood

There may be no movie more closely identified with San Francisco than Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” a labyrinthine tale of obsessive love and murder that takes advantage of scenic city locations from the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point to Dolores Park and the Legion of Honor. With its story of a wealthy, cheating husband who orchestrates a Machiavellian plan to murder his wife by transforming his mistress (Kim Novak) into a lookalike of his spouse, and its themes of multiple identity, authenticity and the projection of male fantasy, the twisted psychological thriller was fertile ground for Lynn Hershman Leeson’s “VertiGhost,” a layered, multicomponent installation in Gallery Six at the Legion, where Hitchcock shot a scene for the 1958 film…