Harvesting Anti-bodies With Lynn Hershman Leeson
Mar 26, 2018
Topical Cream
Arshy Azizi

“The Dante Hotel (1972-3), which debuted Robert Breitmore, was site-specific to San Francisco. As a place where you live, does the Bay Area influence your work in any way?

Definitely, I wouldn’t be doing the kind have work that I have done if I were living in New York, where I would probably be painting. But here, you just think of something and there’s someone to help you make it. There are so many people there who are different than you are. I think that one of the advantages is when you’re working, particularly in the Bay Area, which has programmers from all over the world, people really want to know what this can do and you’re doing it as a team. Not to make any money but to push the technology, to push things to an area of discourse.”