From my Institution to Yours
Article, Film Review
Oct 1, 2017
Kathy Noble

Leeson remains a neutral observer throughout, using Ochberg as a conduit to massage Bruguera into revealing painful details. As Ochberg considers Bruguera’s experience, he states: “Truth is the enemy of the dictator. And a dictator classically has many weapons to destroy the bearers of truth… what I didn’t expect is how guilty you feel for telling truth to power.” Bruguera responds: “I always damage people.” Ochberg replies: “Part of the burden of responsibility that you have is that you bring others along. Revolutionaries gather others to confront the tyrant, the person who has power. And it’s risky. In a war people die, bullets fly. In a confrontation through art, and public statements, people’s reputations suffer. And you are going to do things that are risky that you can withstand. And other people are going to be attracted to do this along with you. And they may not have the same emotional strength. And you should feel a certain pain on their behalf, that comes with the job… I think you are feeling what the military would call survivor guilt.”…