Found Everything: An Interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson
Jan 1, 2022

In her life so far, the San Francisco-based artist Lynn Hershman Leeson has lived the lives of many women. If, in addition to making films, a film were to be made about her, it could take a clue from the 1957 drama The Three Faces of Eve. But to be accurate, the film would have to increase the number in its naming. Her biopic would be called The Multiple Faces of Lynn, and what it might lack in drama it would more than compensate for in intelligence and technological innovation. Hershman Leeson’s practice as an artist has been going on now for 55 years, and over that time, she has continued to make compelling and groundbreaking work. In The Dante Hotel, 1972–73, she set up one of the first site-specific, interactive environments in a rundown San Francisco hotel; in Lorna, 1984, she constructed an installation that used the first interactive video disc; in Teknolust, 2002, she employed state-of-the art high-definition video and graphics to make a…