Embodiments of Autonomous Entities: Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Artificially Intelligent Robots, Agent Ruby and DiNA
May 1, 2018
MA for New York University
Eana Kim

One of the most influential media artists of our time, Lynn Hershman Leeson (born 1941, Ohio) has explored the newest technologies including artificial intelligence and their relationships with human over a fifty-year career. She aims to evoke new sensorium and perception that deconstruct and transcend the traditional concept of time and space, as well as address social and political issues derived from the prevalence of new media with their attendant identity, privacy, and surveillance risks. As a pioneer in experimenting with diverse technological representations of posthuman bodies, she has been preoccupied with the interface of humans and machines in what she terms “techno- human” identity.13 As she writes, “I’ve always been attracted to digital tools and cinematic metaphors that reflect our times, such as privacy in an era of surveillance, personal identity in a time of pervasive manipulations and the essential quest of all living things for communication, connection, and interaction.”