Nov 1, 2018
Olivia Aherne

I think it has been a progressive development, from responding to the outside of the body, looking at the superficial shifts of appearance, to considering the internal direct workings of the body. From the make-up chart of Roberta, for instance, to the creation of a LynnHershman antibody, and the (Rob)Erta antibody. We are in an era of mutation and genetic revolution. For the first time, the genome has been programmed. That allows for, and in some cases encourages, gene editing, and I believe this is being done as a means of survival on a polluted planet. I think people have to honour their own instincts and awareness in order to survive. We all take journeys in life. I was integrating my experiences and traumas into science and technology. I was often inventing the technologies that I saw coming before they were widely available, like the remote, or HyperCard for a touch screen with Lorna, and A.I. in 1995 before AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), to name a few…